I Made It! Market was established in 2007 to connect you with small and local businesses through year-round, accessible marketplaces. Our markets are community gatherings where you can shop quality handcrafted goods, connect with makers and enjoy a variety of other fun activities. We believe in supporting our neighbors and are proud to promote sustainability through encouraging Pittsburgh to shop small. We can’t wait to see you at the next market!


i made it market, carrie nardini, pittsburgh craft

Carrie Nardini, Director

Carrie Nardini is the leader of the IMI team. She is always scouting opportunities for new markets and cultivating a strong, supportive craft community. She is most likely chugging coffee in between phone calls and generally getting things done.


jamie frischman, pittsburgh, i made it market, pittsburgh food trucks

Jamie Frischman, Operations Manager

Jamie is the social media guru and operations boss around these parts. You’ll find her at the event making stuff work, Instagrammin’ and snapping pics.


morgan mccoy, i made it market, pittsburgh craft

Morgan McCoy, Communications Coordinator

Morgan slings press releases and keeps communications flowing. She’s usually replying to your email, running around the events or posting on the Facebook page!